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Germany: Unraveling an Enigma

Germany: Unraveling an Enigma

by Greg Nees

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
ISBN: 9781877864759
Pages: 240
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 6 Mb
Date posting: 2021-05-11


Did you know that more Germans have immigrated to the United States than any other ethnic group? While German culture is rich in its own traditions and history, Americans still tend to see German culture as similar to their own until they experience it firsthand. In his book, Germany: Unraveling an Enigma, Greg Nees seeks to highlight the background and customs of this fascinating group of people. As it turns out, Germans spend a great amount of time discussing their puzzling heritage and culture; in fact, discussing and debating almost anything is one of their favorite pastimes, and with Germany, Americans can begin to understand and unravel German culture as well. The book includes a review of modern German history, major German cultural themes and their relationship to German communication patterns, and it also looks to the future, piecing together a picture of twenty-first century Germany. Germany: Unraveling an Enigma will be welcomed by anyone interested in Germany or German culture. It can be especially valuable for students, managers, and others living in Germany, along with anyone else wishing to understand the dynamics of cross-cultural interaction between Germans and Americans. Read More Show Less