Pdf books free download in english The Vault in English by Boyd Morrison

The Vault

The Vault

by Boyd Morrison

Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN: 9781439181843
Pages: 576
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 15 Mb
Date posting: 2021-03-01


In the latest pulse-pounding thriller from Boyd Morrison, bestselling author of The Ark, industrial engineer Tyler Locke races against time to save his father from a terrorist organization bent on unearthing the truth about the fabled touch of King Midas and using it for their own deadly means. Tyler Locke is on board a Washington State ferry when he receives an anonymous call informing him that a bomb is set to detonate on deck in ten minutes—long before the boat reaches port. When a frantic Locke races to the location, he finds classics professor Stacey Benedict has received the very same tip; in order to disarm the bomb, the two must work together to solve an engineering puzzle, a puzzle written in ancient Greek. But the entire setup is merely a test created by a terrorist cell intent on using them to undertake an incredible mission: uncovering the legendary lost riches of King Midas. The cell is using Tyler’s father as their bait, holding him hostage and giving Tyler just ten days to track down the gold. Armed only with an illuminated manuscript penned by ancient inventor Archimedes, Tyler and Stacey begin their quest to solve a mystery whose answer is hidden within the workings of a famous artifact: the real-life Antikythera Mechanism, a three-dimensional treasure map built by Archimedes in 300 B.C. To save his father and prevent his captors from recovering a treasure that will fund their terrorist activities for decades, Tyler must race against the clock to decipher the secret of the mechanism and find the truth behind the story of King Midas. Full of white-knuckle moments and new twists on some of history’s most intriguing legends, The Vault is set to become a sensation.