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The Equity Trader Course

The Equity Trader Course

by Robert A. Schwartz, Reto Francioni, Bruce W. Weber

Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471741558
Pages: 410
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
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Date posting: 2021-05-10


Praise for The Equity Trader Course +CD "Without trading, investing is an academic exercise. This book and its computer simulation bridge the gap and should be required reading for traders, old and new, and anyone who wants to understand why America's equity markets are the richest and deepest in the world. Part primer and part advanced discussion of modern trading techniques and technology, this book should be in every trading room. Authors Schwartz, Francioni, and Weber—along with a slew of important contributors—have created the definitive course on equity trading. Ignore this book at your investing peril!" —Theodore R. Aronson, CFA, Aronson+Johnson+Ortiz, and former chair of the board of governors, CFA Institute "Back in the early days of Island, we all read Bob Schwartz's articles on limit order trading. Now, with The Equity Trader Course, tomorrow's traders can benefit from this comprehensive overview of stock trading." —Matt Andresen, President, Citadel Execution Services, and former CEO, Island ECN "In the world of trading, letting others make their move first pays. This is but one bit of salient advice found in this book. The authors reinforce the importance of liquidity and the placement of limit and market orders. Their appreciation for technical analysis and the need for algorithmic trading guide the reader toward the discipline of risk management and the goal of best execution." —Ralph J. Acampora, CMT, Managing Director, Knight Research, Knight Equity Markets, L.P. "An excellent update on the theory and practice of equity trading. The authors present the state of the art of the business. This is a highly useful reference for today's professionals." —Dr. Josef Ackerman, Chairman, Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG "The world's equity markets are large, intricate, and rapidly evolving. Yet, drill down below the surface and there is structure and logic. This book, with clear and insightful text, superbly illuminates the picture for both the novice and the seasoned trader." —Peter Forstmoser, Chairman, Swiss Re, and Professor, University of Zurich Read More Show Less