Free e book downloads To Wed a Wild Lord (English Edition) by Sabrina Jeffries 9781451642407

To Wed a Wild Lord

To Wed a Wild Lord

by Sabrina Jeffries

Publisher: Pocket Star
ISBN: 9781451642407
Pages: 384
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 10 Mb
Date posting: 2021-05-08


New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries delivers the fourth novel in her Hellions of Halstead Hall series, filled with “lively repartee, fast action, luscious sensuality, and an abundance of humor” ( Library Journal ). Lord Gabriel Sharpe has spent the last seven years, since his friend Roger Waverly’s death, drowning in guilt and dealing with it the only way he knows how: accepting the challenge to any race, no matter how dangerous. When Virginia Waverly challenges Gabe to race the same course as the one that killed her brother Roger, Gabe realizes that Virginia is just what he needs to fulfil his grandmother’s ultimatum: marriage or no inheritance. With General Waverly accusing Gabe of Roger’s death and Virginia’s refusal of him upon learning about his inheritance, Gabe is getting farther and farther from his goal of convincing Virginia to marry him. The only way he can think to show her he cares is to denounce his inheritance and make his fortune by winning the race—and her heart.