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Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2016/2017

Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2016/2017

by Giorgio Piola

Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore Srl
ISBN: 9788879116848
Pages: 168
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
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Date posting: 2021-06-19


Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2016/2017 by Giorgio Piola For the first time, Giorgio Piola’s customary book summarizing the technical aspects of F1 racing covers two complete seasons. The two championships are analysed by the historic draftsman in his usual painstaking detail. 2016 and 2017 were two years in which the World Championship continued to draw on hybrid power, with Mercedes ruling the roost and Ferrari and Red Bull alternating as their direct rivals. The Prancing Horse, with two former World Champions at the wheel, regained the primary role it was born to, but had to struggle to find the right path, substituting talented men during the course of the two seasons. Red Bull, which in contrast with its two rivals, had to rely on an outside supplier for its Power Units, was always ready to grasp the opportunities that came along. McLaren instead continued to disappoint, waiting for Honda to close the gap on its engine-building rivals. Among the technical and sporting novelties of recent years, mention has to be made of the arrival of a North American team, Haas, while Pirelli added tread to its tyres, making them wider and supplied an extra compound to the teams. Formula 1 Technical Analysis is the only book of its kind that unveils all the technical secrets - even the most carefully hidden ones - of the Formula 1 World Championship cars. Engines, chassis, brakes, tires, this is an especially rigorous analysis of the car, but also their steering wheels and suspension. An essential for real Formula 1 enthusiasts for almost 30 years, this annual also reviews in its second part the main new technical developments devised by the various teams during the season. The book is illustrated by more than 500 color technical designs, created by Piola himself.