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The Clean Energy Age: A Guide to Beating Climate Change

The Clean Energy Age: A Guide to Beating Climate Change

by BF Nagy

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9781538115787
Pages: 256
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 7 Mb
Date posting: 2020-05-27


The Clean Energy Age: A Guide to Beating Climate Change by BF Nagy It’s time for a new approach to environmentalism that focusses on practical solutions rather than problems and speaks to ordinary citizens in simple terms. This clear, positive, and non-partisan guidebook offers Top 10 lists that will help individuals and organizations save money while taking aim at the source of most of our carbon emissions. Reviewing proven and unproven technologies and government programs, it explores opportunities for homeowners, governments, corporations, media, and others. While BF Nagy evaluates clean technology progress to date, he does not dwell on doom and gloom, seek to shame or scold, or propose unlikely overnight lifestyle upheavals. Instead he prioritizes everyday actions and reviews the paybacks and effectiveness of clean building technologies and vehicles, government/utility incentives, and finance structures. Organized for both quick reference and deep dives into the nuts and bolts of saving the plant from environmental ruin, The Clean Energy Age contains specific sections for individuals and organizations using appropriate language and exploring current trends and issues for homeowners, regional and local governments, small businesses, large corporations, investors, politicians, civil servants, urban planners, media people, entertainers, teachers, transportation people, medical professionals, manufacturers, farmers, and others. In addition to technology and government programs it reviews current clean tech business and economic realities and insights into what we can expect in the future. It explores electric vehicles, net-zero smart homes, the Internet of things, smart grids, solar, wind, and geothermal. Each Top 10 list offers detailed explanations as well as a simple, summary format. Other chapters on buildings, electricity, transportation, investment, business, politics & economics, government, and unproven technologies, provide support for the information found in the Top 10 lists and success stories accumulated during consultations with clean technology, government and business specialists. Organized for easy-access by people in different segments, there is something for everyone looking to combat climate change in these pages.