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Newton's Telecom Dictionary

Newton's Telecom Dictionary

by Steven Schoen

Publisher: Telecom Publishing
ISBN: 9780979387388
Pages: 1450
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 25 Mb
Date posting: 2021-05-08


This is a business dictionary of 29,019 defined technology terms -- covering the latest in telecommunications, computing, the Internet, The Internet of Things, networking and social media. It's a complete dictionary/encyclopedia of today's information technology. It is used by everyone from salesmen to lawyers, from corporate trainers to college educators, from corporate users to engineers. It is set as a required textbook in colleges teaching telecommunications and information technology. As the cover says, the massive 1450-page book covers everything in voice, data, images, apps and video. The book is written for businesspeople in non-technical language. Newton and his team expand and update the dictionary every day of the year, which makes it about as up to date as you can get. No other dictionary/encyclopedia is updated as regularly as this one is. This is the 30th edition. No other dictionary in the entire history of publishing has gone through 29 editions -- each one improved, expanded and updated. We skipped the 29th because we wanted to highlight the enormous improvements, fixes, updates and additions in this new 30th edition. There are 4.4% more definitions (1,214 more) in this 30th edition. Several reviewers (and customers) refer to Newton's Telecom Dictionary as the industry "bible." Originally just telecommunications, it now covers computing, networking, and all the newer allied technology fields. A feature of the dictionary is that many of the definitions are not just an explanation of the technology, but also a primer on how the technology is used. Do's and don't about using the technology. Tips from personal experience. What works and what doesn't. What to watch out for. Warnings.