English book download for free Apache Solr: A Practical Approach to Enterprise Search 9781484210710 by Dikshant Shahi

Apache Solr: A Practical Approach to Enterprise Search

Apache Solr: A Practical Approach to Enterprise Search

by Dikshant Shahi

Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 9781484210710
Pages: 325
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 9 Mb
Date posting: 2021-04-20


Apache Solr: A Practical Approach to Enterprise Search teaches you how to build an enterprise search engine using Apache Solr. You'll soon learn how to index and search your documents; ingest data from varied sources; pre-process, transform and enrich your data; and build the processing pipeline. You will understand the concepts and internals of Apache Solr and tune the results for your client’s search needs. The book explains each essential concept—backed by practical and industry examples—to help you attain expert-level knowledge. The book, which assumes a basic knowledge of Java, starts with an introduction to Solr, followed by steps to setting it up, indexing your first set of documents, and searching them. It then covers the end-to-end process of data ingestion from varied sources, pre-processing the data, transformation and enrichment of data, building the processing pipeline, query parsing, and scoring the document. It also teaches you how to make your system intelligent and able to learn through feedback loops. After covering out-of-the-box features, Solr expert Dikshant Shahi dives into ways you can customize Solr for your business and its specific requirements, along with ways to plug in your own components. Most important, you will learn to handle user queries and retrieve meaningful results. The book explains how each user query is different and how to address them differently to get the best result. And because document ranking doesn't work the same for all applications, the book shows you how to tune Solr for the application at hand and re-rank the results. You'll see how to use Solr as a NoSQL data store, as an analytics engine, to provide suggestions for users, and to generate recommendations. You'll also cover integration of Solr with important related technologies like OpenNLP, Apache Tika, Apache ZooKeeper, among others, to take your search capabilities to the next level. This book concludes with case studies and industry examples, the knowledge of which will be helpful in designing components and putting the bits together. By the end of Apache Solr, you will be proficient in designing, architecting, and developing your search engine and be able to integrate it with other systems. What you’ll learn How to develop a search engine using Solr How to implement information retrieval concepts How to master search engine internals How to build your search strategy Hot to customize Solr for your unique search problem How to make your search engine intelligent and self-learning Who this book is for Professionals into data mining, data management, or Web development.