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Introducing SQLite for Mobile Developers

Introducing SQLite for Mobile Developers

by Jesse Feiler

Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 9781484217658
Pages: 168
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 5 Mb
Date posting: 2020-12-01


This brief book is a basic introduction to SQLite for iOS and Android developers. The book includes a simple introduction to SQL, a discussion of when to use SQLite, and chapters devoted to using SQLite with the most likely programming languages: Java, PHP, Swift and Objective-C. It then goes through adding simple database functionality to an Android or iOS app and finally a chapter on managing the app’s life cycle. What you’ll learn What You Will Learn:The basics of SQLite The SQL you need to use SQLite effectively How to integrate database functionality into your mobile app. How to maintain the app Who this book is for This book is for Android or iOS developers who wish to use a lightweight but flexible database for their applications. It assumes mobile development experience but does not assume any database knowledge. Table of Contents 1. Getting Up to Speed with Databases and SQLite 2. Understanding What SQLite Is... 3. Working with the relationship model and SQLite 4. Using SQLite basics — storing and retrieving data 5. Using SQLite features — What you can do with SELECT statements 6. Using SQLite with PHP 7. Using SQLite with Java (Android) 8. Using SQLite with Swift (iOS/Mac) 9. Using SQLite with Objective-C (iOS/Mac) 10. Exploring the simple database (used in Chapters 10-12) 11. Using the simple database with a website (database example code included) 12. Adding the simple database to an Android app (using android.database.sqlite) 13. Adding the simple database to an iOS app (using Core Data) 14. Considering performance issues 15. Managing the SQLite life cyle