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In the Rogue Blood

In the Rogue Blood

by James Carlos Blake

Publisher: Quill
ISBN: 9780380792412
Pages: 352
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 9 Mb
Date posting: 2021-05-07


In the Rogue Blood is the story of two brothers, Edward and John Little -- the offspring of a whore mother and a cruel and homicidal father, a man never to he admired or trusted. At an age when restlessness determines a young man's path, the boys are driven from their home in the Florida swamplands by a scheming parent's treacheries and by a shameful, bloody act that will haunt their dreams for the rest of their days: patricide, the most heinous sin of all. Joining the swelling ranks of the rootless, they wander west across a southern landscape that reflects their world's brute nature. Separated by death and circumstance in the corrupt and sordid 'Dixie City' of New Orleans, the brothers Little must now follow different roads: one joins the army to escape the law, the other falls in with scalphunters bound for the Mexican badlands. What follows is a year of bizarre and violent episodes in their lives -- and nights relentlessly haunted by the taunting ghostly memory of their murdered father. But blood will always find blood, even as fate places Edward and John on opposing sides in a fierce and desperate territorial struggle between Mexico and the United States. And it is here that a family bond will be tempered - and tested - in fire, as each brother in his own way must come to an individual reckoning with his own rogue blood.