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Big Data in Practice

Big Data in Practice

by Bernard Marr

Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9781119231387
Pages: 256
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Date posting: 2020-09-23


All cases will be based on the author’s direct insights with the companies listed – these are all organisations which he has either consulted for or been granted access to direct interviews, and have endorsed their inclusion in the book. All chapters will follow a similar structure so that the reader can scan the various sections to quickly find the information they are after. Chapter structure: Background A brief overview of the company and context of the case study What Problem Is Big Data Helping To Solve? A description of what business problem / or issues big data is helping to solve in this case study company. How Is Big Data Used In Practice? An outline of how big data was applied in this case example. Outlining the implementation, where the data came from, how it was analysed, what algorithms were developed. What Where The Results? A description of the benefits / insights gained and the value of these. What Data Was Used? A description of what data was used (external, internal, quantities, structured, unstructured, sources) What Are The Technical Details? A description of the technical details – e.g. where was the data stored (cloud, hadoop clusters, data lakes) and what where the specifics (programming languages such as Spark or Python) and vendor details. Any Challenges That Had To Be Overcome? Explaining the key project challenges, where applicable and available. E.g. consolidating the data, selling the project, acquiring the right skills, finding the data, etc.) What Are The Key Learning Points And Take Aways? A comment section where I highlight the key learning points from this case study and any generic take aways that should be relevant to others. References And Further Reading Any references and links to further reading material. Case Study Companies Here is a list of potential case studies I would include, but this list will be fluid and is highly likely to change as new and interesting cases develop over the next few months. Amazon – How predictive analytics are used to get a 360 degree view of customers Apple – How Apple puts big data at the center of their business Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – How big data is used to gain performance insights in one of America’s most successful restaurant chains Rolls-Royce – how big data is used to drive success in manufacturing Shell – how big data is used in big oil companies Transport for London – how big data is used to improve and manage public transport in London Milton Keynes City – how big data is used to create smarter cities Walmart – how big data is used to drive supermarket performance U.S. Olympic Women’s Cycling Team – how big data analytics is used to optimize athletes’ performance 10. Microsoft – how big data is central to Microsoft’s success 11. Facebook – how Facebook used big data to understand consumers 12. John Deere – how big data can be applied on farms 13. LinkedIn – how big data is used to fuel social media success 14. Uber – how big data is at the center of Uber’s transportation business 15. US Immigration – how big data is used to keep passengers safe and prevent terrorism 16. Acxiom – how big data is used to profile all of us 17. Manchester United Football Club – how big data is used to optimize the beautiful game 18. Netflix – how Netflix used big data to give us the programs we want 19. Twitter – how Twitter together with IBM deliver customer insights from big data 20. U.S. Government – how big data is applied in the government sector 21. Google – how big data is at the heart of Google’s business model 22. Nest (Google) – how big data is transforming the thermostat industry 23. Palantir – how big data is used to help the CIA and detect bombs in Afghanistan 24. Flatiron Health – Using big data to fight cancer 25. AirBnB – how big data is used to disrupt the hospitality industry 26. GE – how big data is fuelling the industrial internet at GE 27. ETSY – how big data is used in a crafty way 28. Red Bull Racing – how big data is essential to the success of F1 teams 29. Narrative Science – how big data is used to challenge journalists 30. Ralf Lauren – Big Data in the fashion industry 31. Zynga – Big data in the gaming industry 32. Airbus – how big data is used in the airline industry 33. Target – the challenges of understanding customers 34. Fitbit – big data in the personal fitness arena 35. BBC – How big data is applied in the media 36. Cornerstone OnDemand – Crunching employee data to predict performance 37. IMB Watson – using big data analytics to gain answers to anything 38. CERN – crunching big data to reveal the secrets of our universe 39. Kaggle – crowed sourcing your data scientist 40. FBI – big data in the police and law enforcement 41. TerraSeismic – Using big data to predict earth quakes 42. Capital One – How big data is used in Banking 43. Visa – how big data is used to detect fraud 44. Autodesk – how big data is transforming the software industry 45. Caesars Entertainment – when big data becomes your 1billion Dollar asset The author may swap in some more SME examples once confirmed.