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Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger

Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger

by Richard Dinnick, Brian Buccellato, Zid

Publisher: Legendary Comics
ISBN: 9781681160474
Pages: 56
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
File size: 2 Mb
Date posting: 2021-05-06


Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger by Richard Dinnick, Brian Buccellato, Zid Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger Vol. 1 is an official graphic novel expansion of the hit Netflix series featuring all-new, original adventures not seen on television. -Hardcover, 4 volume series LOST IN SPACE: COUNTDOWN TO DANGER THE OFFICIAL COMIC BOOK EXPANSION OF THE HIT NETFLIX SERIES The smash-hit rebirth of the beloved sci-fi classic Lost In Space continues in this thrilling graphic novel expansion to the series which will take the Jupiter 2 where it has never been before. 30 years in the future, en route to a distant colony, the Robinson family finds itself thrown off-course when their ship crash-lands on a mysterious and dangerous planet. On this strange new world, they encounter a hostile environment and an enigmatic alien robot. In order to survive, the Robinson family must rely on their training, and they'll discover that no matter how lost they are, their family is their home. These all-new, untold adventures features the full crew of the hit Netflix show: the Robinsons, the Robot, Doctor Smith and Don West. These are the missions you didn’t see on TV, as our heroes struggle to survive in an unknown world full of new creatures, unexpected visitors, and new danger. Legendary Comics brings sci-fi fans an unmissable four-part graphic novel series written by Richard Dinnick (Doctor Who; Thunderbirds) and Brian Buccellato (Detective Comics; The Flash) with stunning artwork by Zid (Skull Island: Birth of Kong; Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead).